Love your space.

Discover our bed, bath and table collections recognized and requested by loyal and demanding customers.

Three worlds, one soul.

Our three Collections BiancoPerla Home, LOFT e Simand are born from the need to tell our different living ideas, giving you the pleasure of living your home every day.

Be inspired and choose the style that describes who you are, create your ideal home and love it.

You will discover that the absolute protagonists of our collections are always natural materials: from the finest cotton and satin, to the soft linen to the most enveloping cashmere, every detail speaks of belonging, history and love for our land called Tuscany.


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Innovation, creativity, attentions to details. We are a point of reference for a clientele ever larger; from the small linens shop to naval upholstery and interior design. Our research never stops: constantly up to date on the novelty, we confront ourselves with the best brands by participating to national and Internazional fairs and events.

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To create a unique product to your and ours highest standards. To develop with passion and determination the challenge exellency aimed to an expert and demanding. B2b, restaurants, hotels, Spa that share the aim to give always an emotion unique and unforgettable.



The company commitment towards eco-friendly market focuses above all on the choice of 100% natural fabrics and realized without the use of harmful substances to environment and health.
All our products and processing are born always in a respect of the European Community eco- social compatibility rules and obligations.


BiancoPerla always aimes to new ideas to make your home a very special place.

Discover our latest creations branded BiancoPerla Home, LOFT and Simand and choose among our bed, bath and table collections.

Each product is unique and created with care and passion from the first sketch to the last sartorial touch.

Dress your home in BiancoPerla Home for a classic and refined taste, in LOFT for contemporary and sophisticated fabrics or enjoy the excellence of luxury made in Italy with Simand.

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